Help Us Erase Bullying in US Schools

Pilot is passionate about the power of the written and spoken word. Bullying can result in devastating effects on self-esteem, self-expression and confidence at a time when students are especially vulnerable.

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That's why Pilot's Erase Bullying For Good campaign and Cartoon Network's Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative are coming together to help empower kids to speak up safely and effectively, while developing kindness and empathy to stop bullying before it starts.

With your support, Pilot will contribute over $150,000* across a select group of organizations focused on erasing bullying for good through educational programs. *Pilot's contributions across anti-bullying organizations between 2015-2021 will equal over $450,000.

Erase bullying

FriXion Can Also Help Erase Back-To-School Stress

FriXion’s innovative, thermo-sensitive ink technology writes smoothly and erases cleanly, giving students the power to write, erase, and re-write without messy eraser crumbs or torn paper. Unlimited do-overs can help students move on to the next lesson faster and keep worker neater, and that means less school stress – something both students and parents can appreciate.

Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up

Stop Bullying: Speak Up is Cartoon Network's award-winning, multi-platform pro-social initiative that addresses bullying among kids.

Erase bullying

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Erase bullying

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