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Student overachievers, it’s your time to shine. Pilot Pen is once again hosting the $15,000 G2 Overachievers Student Grant. The grant will be awarded to an outstanding young scholar who is making a real difference outside of the classroom.


The 2021 G2 Overachievers Student Grant will open July 1 – November 15.


If your grant entry is science, technology, engineering and mathematics related, please apply to the FriXion STEM grant opening on August 1.

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Pas‌t Winners

Miller Manguno

Miller Manguno

2021 G2 Overachievers Student Grant Recipient
Found of Operation Orange Haven

Read his Story
G2 Overachiever Jordan Gabrelle

Jordan Grabelle

2020 G2 Overachievers Student Grant Recipient
Founder of Love Letters for Literacy

Read her Story
Cyrus Rosen

Cyrus Rosen

2019 G2 Overachievers Student Grant Recipient
Creator of Bubl Health

Read his Story

Send a handwritten story describing what you or someone you know is doing to be a difference-maker. Share where it happened, how it worked, who it impacted and why it mattered. There’s a 2,500-word maximum for each entry, and you can submit by uploading to our entry page or via mail.

View the rules for the 2021 G2 Overachievers Student Grant.

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